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Ultralight Aircraft

Ultralight Aircraft

Ultralight Aircraft

An Ultralight (Microlight) is a two-seated small aircraft with powered engine designed to carry no more than two people (pilot and passenger), with a maximum fuel capacity of 90 liters and a total weight of less than 600kg, including fuel and persons onboard. It has an imposed speed limit of less than 130 km/hr. Average speeds are about 80 km/hr.
Pokhara, a valley of lakes, a city situated on the lap of Annapurna range, a city just lain at the backyard of fishtail Mountain, a world famous white peak. A valley surrounded by green forests and meadows. A city of ever smiling faces of indigenous people and clean environment. A city of Natural beauty and known as Switzerland of Nepal. Without a visit of Pokhara the visit of Nepal is incomplete.
Pokhara Ultra-light provides golden opportunity of having a heavenly taste ,beauty of Nature within an exceptionally short span of time with it's micro plane services.
The magic of the mountains, meandering rivers and the beauty of the valley will give you an impression that you will not forget.
one can feel and collect such divinely experiences with the most pleasant and comfortable flights of Ultra-light.
Ultralight Aircraft
We have flights every day. We provide following Programs.
Only pokhara
15 Mins

Within 15 minutes can fly over the Pokhara valley at a speed of 50 to 90 km/hr and will provide you a chance of a lifetime to score heavenly feelings of spectacular panoramic views of the Annapurna Range and a lovely view of Dhaulagiri, 8167 meter height. Far above from the maximum altitude of 5000 feet you will strike the chance of flying over the Phewa Lake, near Sarangkot Hill, over the World Peace Pagoda and the whole southern parts of the Pokhara valley.

fly to Fishtail
30 Mins

At a speed of 90 km/hr, a flight of 30 minutes, you can swim over the beautiful Pokhara valley. This flight of medium length, takes you slightly higher and farther. Travelling through the air, flying around the valley you can scale the distance from Tibetan Refugee Camp to Lamachour and fly around the northern part of the valley where there lies the World famous Phewa Lake. Not only will your bear eyes, even your camera lenses not be hindered from snapping the beautiful scene of nature.

Fly in between Himalayas
60 Mins

In 60 minutes, flying over the city, flying through the valley and travelling around the Pokhara you can be closer to the Mt. Fishtail (Machhapuchhre) that you may feel as you can pick a handful of snow yourselves. While flying through the air you can see Annapurna-1, Annapurna-2, Mt. Dhaulagiri and Mt. Manaslu, the four of the nine highest peaks of Nepal. All of these mountains scale over 7900 meters height.This flight is targeted to those people who love Adventure and Photography.

Admire Mountains
90 Mins

Flying past the remote mountain villages, trek-virgin spots, you will find yourselves of being surrounded by the Himalayas. It is not just a Mountain flight but it will prove itself as an astonishing lifetime experience. Don’t mistake this for just a mountain flight. Except yourselves, the pilot and the mountains, nothing will disturb you. Passengers who fly this flight will be compelled to describe it’s a most merciful “Blessing of god”!
Ultralight Aircraft
Ultralight Aircraft
Ultralight Aircraft
Ultralight Aircraft